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Tue Sep 23 - 09:00 AM
Southwest Self Storage

Tue Sep 23 - 09:00 AM
North Phoenix Storage Solutions

Wed Sep 24 - 10:00 AM
Palo Verde Mini Storage

Wed Sep 24 - 08:00 AM
A Family Discount Storage Ina

Wed Sep 24 - 09:00 AM
A Family Discount Storage Magee

Wed Sep 24 - 09:45 AM
A Family Discount Storage Magee II

Self Storage Auctions Arizona - Calendar of upcoming Arizona auctions

Welcome to Self Storage Auctions AZ, the most current and comprehensive information on up-coming storage auctions in Arizona, brought to you by the Arizona Self Storage Association (AZSA).

The is a Self Storage Auction Listing Directory that is FREE for the public to search. Registration is NOT REQUIRED unless you are an Arizona Self Storage operator wishing to list your auctions.

This site is intended to assist self storage operators in advertising any and all upcoming auctions as well as to engage and inform the general public as to where and when these auctions will occur.

Storage Operators:

List all your upcoming auction sales quickly and easily in ONE PLACE.


Find the auctions you want to attend fast . . . and FREE... No Registration Required!

With our user friendly format, you can search by:

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  • Even search by specific sale items!

We encourage you to visit often... the list changes constantly. Share our website with friends and family. You never know what you might find!

As a courtesy, all Arizona Auction Listings are also listed on FindSelfStorageAuctions.com a national self storage auction directory for FREE!

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